TopAlert got the 3rd place in Russian Final of Imagine Cup

publication date: April 19, 2009

As it was said before, our project TopAlert had won the 1st place in South Federal District in The World's Technology Competition Microsoft Imagine Cup and had got the right to present South District in All-Russian Final in Moscow, which took place on April 18 in High School of Economics. Imagine Cup All-Russian Final is a very colourful and thrilling event, where the luminaries of Russian programming can be seen, both the present luminaries in jury and the future luminaries defending their projects on the stage.

After the presentation in Taganrog our project was much elaborated from technical point of view. The functionality of the system was extended, the defects of the first version were corrected. Because we spent much time for elaborating the system functionality, work on the presentation was postponed to the "last day". We knew, that if we had an ordinary presentation, as we had done in Taganrog, we could not reckon on the victory and reaching the international final (this year the final takes place in Egypt, and all the travel expenses are paid by the contest holder, Microsoft Inc.). That was why we prepared a small show. We played a performance with Angel, Devil, Programmer and Injured. But it was our mistake that we postponed work on the presentation to the "last day". We had time to prepare only some technical details of the performance, dress and stage props. But the performance in whole was not rehearsed well. As result, we got the 3rd place, though potential of the project and the presentation was estimated high. Nevertheless, we were in the prize winner three. The 1st place was reached by the team of Lobachevsky Nizhniy Novgorod State University. For the most of us that university became a second alma mater due to participation in Intel Summer School. It has to give their due to the Nizhniy Novgorod team, they organized a really marvelous show, which was the most memorable, and they got the victory with the right to present Russia in the international final according to their deserts.