Volgograd STU teams will represent the region at Semifinal of World Championship on programming

publication date: October 19, 2017

Yesterday Quaterfinal of ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest for the students teams was finished. The teams of our alma mater had performed successfully and brought the 2nd and the 3rd degree diplomas.

The competition was conducted on October 16 - 18, 2017. The opening ceremony of the XXth Quaterfinal competition in Saratov State University was on the first day, where the organizers and the sponsors of the event gave welcome speeches. Our company acted as one of the sponsors. And, CEO at Singularis Lab, Kryzhanovskiy Dmitry visited the ceremony and wished to the participants never to stop and not to lose the fervor and excitement inherent in the spirit of the competition.

Within the first two days of the event the teams participated in the trial tournament and in the traditional game round Coding Game Challenge ended with a show.

And general tournament and the closing ceremony of the competition was held on Wednesday, 18th of October. This year 73 teams represented the universities of the Volga and Southern regions, 3 teams were from Volgograd State Technical University:

#1: Nosov Artem, Penskoy Nikita, Kirienko Maksim Носов Артем, (the 2nd Degree Diploma, 8 tasks);

#2: Kovalev Mikhail, Bulankin Dmitry, Kurylev Artem (the 3rd Degree Diploma, 5 tasks);

#3: Chalyshev Mikhail, Dontsov Dmitry, Kurnosov Andrey (4 tasks).

Teams #1 and #2 will represent Volgograd region at Northern Eurasia Programming Contest (NEERC - Semifinal of ACM ICPC) in Saint Petersburg on December 2 - 3, 2017.

We congratulate the participants and wish them victories in the future!

The final standings are available by the link.

web-quaterfinal-2017-1 web-quaterfinal-2017