Open lectures in Bormio Rotary Club

publication date: March 29, 2018

CEO at Singularis Lab, Dmitry Kryzhanovskiy, and leading software engineer Alexander Kataev, conducted open lectures at the intellectual club Rotary in Bormio (Lombardy, Italy) on March 12 - 13. They were invited by our partner, company Helvetis.

Rotary International Club has many branches around the world. It is engaged in scientific and educational activities among all strata of the population. The following topics were in the agenda of the March lectures Rotary Club in Bormio:

  • the use of UAVs in the case of inspections of wind turbines (Paolo Brianzoni, CEO at Helvetis);

  • basics of professional drones design and construction and demonstration of sport drones used in competitions (Jakub Jacubczyk, CEO at HD AIR Studio and UAV Robotics);

  • basics of artificial intelligence (Dmitry Kryzhanovsky, CEO at Singularis Lab);

  • introduction to computer vision (Alexander Kataev, leading software engineer at Singularis Lab).

Both the days, the conference hall was completely filled. The event was visited by a different audience, from students to elderly people. We were pleased with the participants interested in the trends of information technology. The representatives of both younger and older generations actively asked questions and entered into discussions.

Our team thanks the direction of Helvetis, Paolo Brianzoni and Eugenio Somaini, and the head of Bormio Rotary Сlub , Paola Romerio Bonazzi, for the opportunity to participate in this event.

Mass media about the event:

The presentation is available in the section Papers.



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