Singularis lab teammates at the hakaton finale in Skolkovo

publication date: October 8, 2018

On September 18-20, our teammates, Vladislav Plotnikov and Oleg Borodin, as part of the team of VSTU, participated in the large-scale hackathon EdCrunch / MIX HACK. The guys not only passed the qualifying round, but also bypassed 12 teams in the intramural stage, and reached the final. Note that the hackathon was not a student competition, and teams with different experiences took part in it. And now more about the event itself.

EdCrunch / MIX HACK is part of the largest exhibition in the HR и T&D – HR&Trainings EXPO 2018, which has been gathering thousands of representatives from the HR community in Russia and the CIS for 18 years. This year it was held in Skoltech, Skolkovo.

At this conference, leading industry experts discuss the latest technologies of the digital economy, opportunities for interaction within the labor market, the creation of intersectoral mimicry and much more.

Representatives of major international and Russian companies, such as Microsoft, Deloitte, Russian Railways, etc., took part at the HR & Trainings EXPO 2018 as speakers and specialists.

Our participants came to EdCrunch / MIX HACK with a project of a predictive service that allows you to determine the business competence of a person. This development is aimed primarily at potential marketing and HR agencies that will be able to use similar technologies in order to create and attract new, qualified personnel.

During the tense struggle between 20 teams from all over Russia, the guys reached the final of the hackathon, and we congratulate them with that! We hope that they will realize that the unique experience gained during the work on the site in future projects and events.

p.s. Special thanks to Vlad for media content.