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We are hiring interns!

The internship will run from June 1 to August 31. For three months, interns will become part of the Singularis team: they will work on a real project under the guidance of a mentor and receive training in their field. Learn more about the Singularis Internship by posting with the hashtag #singularis_internship. Who are we looking for? This year, positions are open for 3 students of the 3rd - 5th year: Back-end developer Requirements: knowledge of C#.. What is to be dealt with: ASP.NET Core, Docker, PostgreSQL, NHibernate, RabbitMQ, Git version control system. Responsibilities: development of the server side of the…


Week of Code - programming contest

We summed up the results of the internal programming competition - Week Of Code During the week, in breaks between work tasks, our employees solved the tasks of the competition. Not only developers, but also other specialists could participate. New day, new challenge. The faster you solve it, the less penalty points you get - 1 minute = 1 penalty point. Each attempt (even successful) = 20 penalty points. The participant who solves the most problems wins. If the number of solved problems is equal, the participant with the fewest penalty points wins. Tasks do not require a lot of…


Participation in Techweek 2022

From May 31 to June 1, the Singularis team took part in TECH WEEK 2022. To do this, we went from a cozy city on the Volga to Moscow, to Skolkovo. What is TECH WEEK? This is an annual conference and at the same time an exhibition of innovative technologies for business. A lot of company stands, lectures, master classes, networking (in various creative formats) - all this fits into three busy days. This time we had our booth with application demos, a large wind turbine mock-up and an instant camera to capture the cool moments of the event. And…


Internship 2022

This year Singularis has 3 positions open for trainees: — backend developer — frontend developer — CV/ML developer.   What is an internship at Singularis Lab? This is an immersion in software development for 3 months as an intern. You become part of our team and perform your own tasks in real projects under the guidance of a mentor. Interns can gain developer experience without compromising their studies thanks to a part-time job of 4 hours a day. Based on the results of the internship, the intern may have the opportunity for further employment in Singularis Lab. Who are we…


Hey listen! Review of the new version of .NET 6 from our experts

Singularis team organized a .NET 6 conference within the iT-34 Community on January 18, 19 and 26. An overview report of the new version of .NET was presented by our engineer Dmitry Osintsev. Watch the stream recording on the iT-34 Community YouTube channel.        

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